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What a difference a year makes

My 13 year-old son Braden and I had back-to-back medical checkups a week ago. What a difference a year makes! I was really looking forward to the appointments this year because I wanted the official validation of what I already … Continue reading

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Three Weddings and a Conference

I saw beautiful white dresses and heard words like “will the families of the couple please rise?” It might have been four weddings, I sort of lost count. In the daytime, the flowers were obviously fake and faded, but at … Continue reading

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It’s all about EASY

In my last post, I revealed the methodology I used to find a solution for dropping 40 lbs and 3 sizes. Turns out, theat system for eating every three hours was about balancing blood sugar throughout the day. You’ve heard that it’s … Continue reading

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Why am I writing a blog on ‘living lean’? What does that mean anyway?

First and foremost, writing for publication is a lifelong goal of mine and so far I’m not getting much closer to achieving it. So by writing something—anything—regularly for public scrutiny, I hope to ‘develop my chops,’ reduce my anxiety, and … Continue reading

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