About Me

Leslie's photoAt some point in my 40’s I came across the slogan “Eating lean in a land of plenty.” I think it was some advertising on a cereal box. Something about it struck me though, and I cut it out and stuck it to my refrigerator. I then realized I had absolutely NO IDEA HOW TO DO THAT. Too many situations, too little control, and way too many cravings that would not be ignored. Kind of a metaphor, don’t you think, for managing time and communications and technology and so many other modern challenges?

In my 50th year, I experienced an amazing transformation. Despite having lost hope of ever being really slim again, I stumbled onto a program that helped me lose 45 lbs and three sizes! The program met all my requirements for being sensible, fitting my lifestyle, nearly cost-neutral, and focused on acquiring habits for long term optimal health. To spread the news, ‘pay it forward,’ and create a flexible 21st century income, I chose to become a health coach. I like win-win-win scenarios.

Me, before and AFTER!

Me, before and then AFTER!

This blog is to share what I discovered and what I am still learning about ‘living’ lean, and it’s not just about eating. My ultimate goal in life is to design environments for sustainable, healthy, and joyful living, and somewhere along the line I will also publish my dad’s last book in the context of writing his biography. Tricks for staying focused on these goals while keeping life going in my current reality is what interests me about this blog. What interests you? To find out more about my optimal health program, go to www.iamlivinghealthy.com, or just ask me! (206) 355-9636. To explore some other intentional and sustainable living issues, please subscribe and tell me what is most compelling for you.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi Leslie,
    Got your Christmas card and am delighted you are doing so well. We sent you a card to a Seattle address which you may not get. Are you on Bainbridge Island now? The Miller Road address was crossed out. I will be glad to chat about Ken any time — by phone or email. We send our Christmas greetings to You, Jason, Braden and Mari.
    Love, Calvin and Susan

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