Why would you want to eat space food?

Lenora Edwards is an amazing business development consultant for entrepreneurs, and she is helping Jason and me start a coworking business on Bainbridge Island called OfficeXpats. Her partner, the primary cook of the family, is vegetarian, and despite multiple intense workouts with a trainer each week, Lenora had gained a few pounds from the carb-intensive vegetarian food and the crazy work schedule. Her trainer told her how to eat to lose the pounds, but she said “It’s not realistic for me to eat like that most of the time… I can’t carry a piece of salmon around in my pocket.” Then she heard about my Take Shape For Life (TSFL) coaching and decided that she needed a simple plan with easy grab-and-go food that could keep up with her dash from one meeting to another all over town. My coach became a client.

Lenora knows the value of a good system when she sees one, and she sure didn’t want to invent one on her own. She started the 5+1 program (you eat six meals a day but you only have to think about one of those meals), and her partner began referring to her TSFL meal replacements as “space food”—and he didn’t mean it as a compliment. But he is surprisingly spot-on to my way of thinking! A lot of requirements go into making a food that is low calorie, high protein, low glycemic, and low fat for optimal performance. It needs to supply all the necessary vitamins and minerals for long term maintenance, no matter which ‘food capsule’ you eat. It needs to travel well. And it needs to taste good and offer variety, or you’ll get a lot of griping from those astronauts, right? And most of all, you don’t go into space with an unproven product. You need to test it and know that it works before relying on it for your health.

Lenora pretty quickly lost 7 pounds, and she is now taking it 5 pounds at a time to discover her ‘enough’ point. She said she was amazed to discover what it felt like to eat ‘just right’. No more panicky blood sugar swings to atone for. She goes on and off the program now as she finds a new equilibrium. But recently, she underestimated the amount of food she would consume, and she ran out. While waiting for her order, she tried to improvise by making 100-calorie snacks that could get her through the next few hours, but it didn’t work. “I couldn’t find whole foods or even processed foods in the right balance that can satisfy me with such a small calorie count; they just don’t exist. And for me, it’s enough to manage just to prepare for one good meal a day.”

Lenora knows that the food is simply a tool, that the real solution is in creating a system of support that can sustain a lifetime of new habits. And one of those habits is never letting more than three hours go by without stopping for a super-efficient fueling break, no matter where you are.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if some one-on-one coaching support and scientifically formulated, clinically proven food sounds like a system that just might work for you.

About Leslie

In my 50th year, I had an amazing transformation that I had actually lost hope of achieving... I started a program that helped me lose 40 lbs and three sizes! The program met all my requirements for being sensible, fitting my lifestyle, nearly cost-neutral, and focused on acquiring habits for long term optimal health. This blog is to share some of what I discovered and what I am still learning. To learn more about my program, go to www.iamlivinghealthy.com, or just ask me!
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