Three Weddings and a Conference

The Harley Davidson Cafe, Las Vegas

Passing the Harley Davidson Cafe, Las Vegas

I saw beautiful white dresses and heard words like “will the families of the couple please rise?” It might have been four weddings, I sort of lost count. In the daytime, the flowers were obviously fake and faded, but at dusk everything looked magical and twinkly. Can anyone solve the “where am I” riddle? Of course, I was in Las Vegas, for a conference with 100 other health coaches. The weddings were taking place under a fancy wrought iron gazebo in a central green about ten feet off the path from my room to the conference center, but other than that, the ceremonies were pretty traditional looking. Except for the guy dressed like Elvis at the first one. Really.

I love getting to know these coaches, from absolutely all walks of life and drawn from a similar experience of transformation and the opportunity to pay it forward.  I met a young coach whose father was the head of a major political party, and an older couple who dream of taking their Harley’s on the road to freedom. The highlight for me was our introduction to a system of vision creation based on brain research. It’s built on the inability of our subconscious to tell the difference between reality and a really good story. You know how your heart races during the scary parts of a movie? Why doesn’t it just know that it’s all a big fat lie?

So, if you make up a story about how you want some aspect of your life to be, and then tell it to yourself repeatedly, you will slowly but surely replace the default vision. What is the default vision? I didn’t know I had one! Yep, take a look at the past 90 days, and whatever you have been doing around this issue is your vision. That was the breakthrough for me, in understanding that the subconscious is always operating on a vision whether we are aware of it or not.

My mother would not have been surprised at all with what I heard. She was up on all the latest brain research in learning, but I always thought it was her ‘new age’ influencers that had her doing affirmations. Actually, I still believe that in her case. I’ve been hot and cold with the ‘woo woo’ theories and “law of attraction” hype. But a little research on sources for what I heard in Vegas produced a credible name that I discovered last year, from an impressive woman who came to my son’s middle school to talk about what’s happening in the brains of our pre-teen children. She introduced some of the research and teachings of Lou Tice and his Pacific Institute, and Lou was the common thread.  Apparently the new Seattle Seahawks coach also uses these methods in his training!

There’s more to what we learned, of course. It’s very compatible with the ‘structural tension’ methods of goal setting we’ve been learning: get emotionally attached to your goal, be brutally honest about your current reality, and the brain automatically works to resolve the tension by pulling reality up towards the goal. Of course there are the steps to take to get you to the goal, and the steps are not always fun. But it really helps to unpack what ‘motivation’ really is and how it works.

The folks in my new weight loss support group on Monday night were intrigued with my attempt to communicate the vision creation exercise, and they all have homework to bring a written page describing their vision to our next meeting. I’ll try to give coaching  according to the modeling  I learned in Vegas.  I wish I could offer these ideas to the newlywed couples too!

About Leslie

In my 50th year, I had an amazing transformation that I had actually lost hope of achieving... I started a program that helped me lose 40 lbs and three sizes! The program met all my requirements for being sensible, fitting my lifestyle, nearly cost-neutral, and focused on acquiring habits for long term optimal health. This blog is to share some of what I discovered and what I am still learning. To learn more about my program, go to, or just ask me!
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3 Responses to Three Weddings and a Conference

  1. Lori Anapoell says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I loved reading this blog. It hits very close to home. Tomorrow I am headed to Las Vegas to attend my 5th weekend at Choice Center, a place where you learn how to make your visions into your reality. I am in the process of accomplishing some things that were on a bucket list for sometime in the future. Due to what I’ve learned over the past 3 months, that future is now. Let’s talk soon.

    • Leslie says:

      I would love to hear about your ‘inward adventures’! I’ve been thinking about both you and Bill and wondering how it was going for you! I want a FULL REPORT!

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