Simple interventions are good to find

OK, so first about that simple intervention for weight loss mentioned in my first entry. For later entries, I’ve queued up ideas for discussing hitchhiking and bees as bellwethers of times to come. But with two thirds of our country now overweight or obese (and no end in sight to that trend), we’ve got some serious work to do to regain our health and learn to eat lean if we want to live lean. The modern world we live in offers too many fast, cheap, and socially compelling ways to eat food that has twice the calories and half the nutrition that it used to. That’s by way of saying that it’s not our fault—in most cases—that we have all gained so much weight, but it is up to us to do something about it.

For me, the discovery to a solution that finally worked was so random! A few months after my move to Bainbridge Island I had an Internet outage while working from home. I was desperate for a wi-fi café to upload my work. After a couple of failed attempts, I ended up with a latte at a place I’d never been before. I completed my Internet tasks, and as I left I noticed a flier in the window. 

It had a great before/after pic, and I think it mentioned a program of eating every three hours and having access to a weight loss coach. I noted the date and address for the informational meeting. I don’t know exactly what inspired me to take this one seriously. Maybe it was the ‘clinically proven at Johns Hopkins’? Maybe I was just desperate?  By the time the date arrived I had lost the address. Of course! Why should I make things easy!? I went back to the now-closed café and fortunately was able to see the address on the flier through the window. I met Ann, who became my coach, and my journey began on December 1, 2009. By the end of December, having braved both Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations, I was down 12 lbs. Before the end of March, I had reached my goal of losing 35 lbs. After about three months of stabilizing my new weight, I got back on the program and lost another 5 pounds this past summer. I’m now comfortably in a size 8! I’ll divulge the details on how, next time.

About Leslie

In my 50th year, I had an amazing transformation that I had actually lost hope of achieving... I started a program that helped me lose 40 lbs and three sizes! The program met all my requirements for being sensible, fitting my lifestyle, nearly cost-neutral, and focused on acquiring habits for long term optimal health. This blog is to share some of what I discovered and what I am still learning. To learn more about my program, go to, or just ask me!
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