Why am I writing a blog on ‘living lean’? What does that mean anyway?

First and foremost, writing for publication is a lifelong goal of mine and so far I’m not getting much closer to achieving it. So by writing something—anything—regularly for public scrutiny, I hope to ‘develop my chops,’ reduce my anxiety, and send off  ideas that are swimming around in my brain (with great significance to me but no hope otherwise of achieving any real depth).  My first real publishing goal is to edit and co-create my dad’s last book and complete on a promise I made to him over five years ago. This is a practice blog. A place where I can play without huge expectations. My next blog will be SERIOUS. Haha.

Second, like many people, and especially women, I’ve had an uncomfortable relationship with my body all my life, and in the past 15 years my weight had crept up past the vanity concern and become a health concern. I finally found a way to drop the extra pounds with a program that helped me control my food environment, focus on what my body really needed, and avoid the endless reactionary decisions that sunk all previous efforts. I was expecting to struggle to lose 10-15 pounds, and instead I found it relatively easy to lose 40 pounds. I had to buy all new clothes (oh no!!). People that I haven’t seen in a while hardly recognize me. This is the original inspiration for the ‘living lean’ theme. Sharing this program may in fact become a new career for me—I am finding great satisfaction in helping others do what I did. It’s so rare in life to find a simple intervention that radically helps people change their body and their health, and then to share in the joy when the miracle dependably takes place is heaven!

And finally, I want to explore living intentionally. While I’ve had a big success in one area of my life lately (weight loss), others are still crying out for similar solutions.  Living lean has become an important theme for me for more than just food. I am coming to believe it is THE modern challenge for our society, and if we don’t accept this challenge and find a higher quality of life through living lean, then we are damned to depleting the fragile resources of our world and letting less fortunate populations pay the initial price. We will all feel the pinch eventually. OK, that was heavy. Had to put it out there, though. Living intentionally to me means creating goals and putting in place ways to reach them so that—as with my eating changes—I can achieve the transformations I’m really hungry for. I could use some help here, so please chime in with your thoughts and solutions.

This is my soapbox!  To quote the governor of a state where I used to live a long time ago, ALL BE BAWK.

About Leslie

In my 50th year, I had an amazing transformation that I had actually lost hope of achieving... I started a program that helped me lose 40 lbs and three sizes! The program met all my requirements for being sensible, fitting my lifestyle, nearly cost-neutral, and focused on acquiring habits for long term optimal health. This blog is to share some of what I discovered and what I am still learning. To learn more about my program, go to www.iamlivinghealthy.com, or just ask me!
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1 Response to Why am I writing a blog on ‘living lean’? What does that mean anyway?

  1. Karen says:

    Hey Leslie, it’s me (Roosevelt High)….I follow quite a few blogs dealing with weight loss. I receive a great deal of motivation and inspiration from them, and even solace when I’ve had a setback. The biggest thing is that I don’t feel alone as I make my journey to get healthier. In the past, one of the main reasons why I wasn’t successful in losing weight was because of the isolation I felt when I tried, but finding an online community of folks going through the same experience has been very helpful, including the support that I receive at the weekly WW meetings that I attend.

    I look foward to following your blog 🙂 Good luck on your writing goals – I know you will succeed because you’re a good writer with a determined spirit.

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