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Bread Pudding is Worth It!

“Making sweet pudding from layered stale bread and custard in one of the kindest things you can do to old bread. The transformation is Cinderella-like: what was once a bag of dry, not very nice bread suddenly becomes one of … Continue reading

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To beer or not to beer

Oh goodness, I went to two consecutive Green Drinks events on Thursday and Friday last week! My good friend Jaime (a BGI connection) is the founder of the Bremerton Green Drinks ,* and Kat Kjovik, a one-time colleague from Conversation Café … Continue reading

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It’s all about EASY

In my last post, I revealed the methodology I used to find a solution for dropping 40 lbs and 3 sizes. Turns out, theat system for eating every three hours was about balancing blood sugar throughout the day. You’ve heard that it’s … Continue reading

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Simple interventions are good to find

The modern world we live in offers too many fast, cheap, and socially compelling ways to eat food that has twice the calories and half the nutrition that it used to. Continue reading

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Why am I writing a blog on ‘living lean’? What does that mean anyway?

First and foremost, writing for publication is a lifelong goal of mine and so far I’m not getting much closer to achieving it. So by writing something—anything—regularly for public scrutiny, I hope to ‘develop my chops,’ reduce my anxiety, and … Continue reading

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